Current Executive


Leung, Eve – McMillan LLP


  • The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive.
  • In addition, duties include: Chairing the monthly meetings; Contacting and arranging for four speakers for TALL Luncheon meetings; Contacting publishers regarding sponsorship of Season Social event; All public relations for TALL.

Vice President

Keshen, Robert – McCarthy T├ętrault LLP


  • The Vice-President is responsible for organizing 3 to 4 Lunch & Learns a year.
  • Acts as liaison with the Salary Survey, Publisher's Liaison and Education Committees.
  • Coordinates a raffle for a FIS student to attend each Luncheon.


Chuang, Laura – Goodmans LLP


  • The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the finances (and the records of the finances) of the Association are in order.
  • Using TALL's laptop computer and Quicken, the Treasurer enters all deposits and payments, categorizing them using established categories within the program.
  • Monthly and annual reports are run from the program for presentation by the Treasurer at Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  • As well, the Treasurer visits the bank to make any deposits, consults with financial institutions with respect to our investments, and responds to enquiries by the Executive as to the state of TALL's finances.


Carruth, Meg – Ontario Securities Commission


  • The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of all Executive meetings and, when all corrections have been submitted, distributing the final minutes to the Executive. Also maintains a hardcopy of the minutes for the TALL Archives.
  • The Secretary is also responsible for finding and booking various venues for the Luncheons and the AGM. The Secretary works with the President to advertise the Luncheons. The secretary is responsible for the registration of these events; this task can be shared with a Registrar.

Membership Liaison

Singh, Judy – Canadian Tax Foundation


  • The Membership Liaison is responsible for keeping the Executive informed of the activities of the following committees: Union List, Information Technology, and Newsletter.
  • Before each Executive Committee meeting, the Membership Liaison will contact the chair of each committees and report back to the Executive.

Past President

Lewis, Eileen – Ontario Legislative Library


  • The Past-President is responsible for maintaining the Association's By-laws and Policies and acts as Chair of the J.D. Lang Professional Development Award and Chair of the Election Committee.

Administrative Coordinator

Knapp, Laura – Ontario Securities Commission


  • The administrative coordinator is responsible for notifying members of luncheons, distributing flyers, and sending reminders two weeks and one week before the deadline.
  • Sends out membership renewals, signs up new members, and maintains and updates membership records.
  • Updates the TALL website when changes are needed. Changes can be emailed to talladminc @